Railway overbridge in Naigaon

Railway over-bridge near Naigaon station to connect Naigaon east and west

For many years residents of Naigaon had no option if they had to travel from Naigaon east to west by road.There was no bridge connecting the east and west sides of Naigaon. Hence residents were forced to travel to Naigaon railway station by by road, then cross the railway over-bridge on the platform by foot and reach the other side.This meant that you could not travel in a vehicle as there was no road bridge connecting Naigaon west to east.However, all that is set to change after the Bombay high court gave the go-ahead for the over bridge to be constructed.

Railway over-bridge naigaon

How it will benefit Naigaon residents

Residents of Naigaon will now have much better connectivity to Naigaon and Vasai West.Considering the fact that Naigaon is still a developing location,it will come as a blessing to the people of Naigaon that they can now travel to Vasai West which is more developed and has much more facilities.For example,residents of Naigaon east can now travel to Cardinal gracias hospital in Vasai by road in case of emergencies.Also shopping malls,multiplexes,D mart,Big bazaar etc in Vasai will become accessible to Naigaon residents too.It will also benefit the people living in the western side of Naigaon station and vasai to travel to Mumbai by the highway.Earlier the only option for them to reach Mumbai was to travel to Vasai east and take a much longer route to Mumbai.The over-bridge is also expected to boost the real estate sales in Naigaon east.

How it will affect the real estate market in Naigaon

The construction of the bridge is expected to be a game changer for the Naigaon real estate market much like the proposed sea link to connect Naigaon to Bhayander. Better.Better connectivity between Naigaon east and west would mean an increase in property prices in Naigaon.Naigaon. The proximity to Vasai west would mean that the property prices in Naigaon could now increase and reach the prices in Vasai west which is at least 30 percent higher.That means a flat in Naigaon costing 20 lakhs now can be expected to  cost at least 25-30 lakhs.

Mangroves to be replanted

There were some hurdles for the construction of this railway over-bridge.The construction would have caused destruction to the mangroves lining the area and would involve cutting down of at least 400 mangrove trees.he HC asked the MMRDA to follow the conditions set by the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority that include re-plantation of 10 times the number of mangroves destroyed.An officer will be in charge to ensure that a total of 4000 mangrove trees are replanted.The MMRDA had approached the high court, in view of directives issued by it to protect mangroves that all planning authorities in the Mumbai metropolitan region will have to maintain a buffer zone of 50 metres surrounding mangroves, where no development should take place.

The MMRDA had contended both sides of Naigaon were congested and a bridge would not only connect the sides, but also help reduce traffic congestion. The bridge will bring down the travel distance between the east and the west by 12km.The total cost of the construction of the bridge is expected to be 56.25 crores to be built on 1.24 hectares of land.


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